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The Aichhorn RTF-Manhattan (RTF-M)

     The August Aichhorn Residential Treatment Facility-Manhattan (RTF-M)
is located at 23 West 106th Street, one block west of Central Park in Manhattan.

The RTF-M is a co-educational 32-bed  Medicaid-funded,  long-term psychiatric treatment facility for teenagers.  Residents must be at least 12 and not yet 16 at the time of admission, and must be referred by the New York City Pre-Admission Certification Committee (PACC) operated by the New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH).  The PACC will generally only refer youngsters who have had multiple unsuccessful placements and/or hospitalizations, and because of their psychiatric or emotional difficulties cannot be maintained in any less intensively-supervised setting.  Most residents are admitted from acute care psychiatric units, State Children's Psychiatric Centers, other long-term psychiatric treatment programs (usually RTFs), or the juvenile justice system.  Patients must be of normal intelligence and not so seriously physically challenged as to be unable to participate in routine activities with their peers.  The PACC generally requires that these beds be reserved for residents of New York City.  The RTF-M has  no other admission requirements except provision of various Medicaid-mandated documentation.

The RTF-M is staffed and equipped to provide very high levels of supervision on an extended basis if necessary.  However, its location in a  popular residential neighborhood, with very easy access to a wide variety of educational, recreational and cultural resources as well as all the ordinary life of a thriving community, allows the RTF to offer residents extensive carefully-monitored opportunities to gain increasing independence and involvement in the "real" world.   The facility provides on-site clinical, educational, recreational and medical services on a continuous basis.

The RTF-M opened in May, 1991 and has been at 100% occupancy since that time.  The average length of stay of discharged residents is about 30 months.  Residents referred by the PACC are accepted for admission in the order in which completed required admission materials are received, with some adjustments to maintain a gender balance.


The Aichhorn RTF-Brooklyn (RTF-B)